Our Philosophy

In the drive for management efficiency and speed–to–market that our global, digitally connected economy now demands, it is all too easy to forget the prime reason for office design: to bring people together and meet their needs, individually and collectively, in the best interests of productivity and wellbeing.

Such is the pressure on organisations today to continually adapt to changing business conditions that the central issue of how their people feel in the workplace can be overlooked when commercial targets need to be met or new processes introduced.

But people really do count in creating any high–achieving office environment.

A demoralised or tired workforce will slow the wheels of change, no matter how hard managers push. A company culture that lacks cohesion and resilience will quickly unravel with difficult and unforeseen consequences, despite all of the HR policies that are in place.

In the book, New Demographics, New Workspace by Professor Jeremy Myerson, Chair of the Helen Hamlyn Centre for Design at the Royal College of Art, Professor Myerson summarised the needs of the modern knowledge worker by identifying three distinct space concepts – space for:



Space to share the data – an environment that allows people to spread out, record ideas, share work and inspire each other or for a smaller group to talk quietly, progress methodically and address challenges.



Space to scrutinise the data – an environment that provides knowledge workers with spaces to interrogate information, to get their head down, to think and plan.


Space to shun the data – an environment designed as an oasis to restore mind and body. It’s time off from staring at a screen. It’s time to sleep, dream and think, to let the mind go free.


At POS we provide a specialist workplace consultancy service to clients in the Channel Islands to help them understand and identify the types of knowledge workers they employ, which enables us to use Professor Myerson’s profound 3C’s space concepts to develop and deliver an inspiring work environment that creates engaging, dynamic spaces that fuel body, mind and productivity in the workplace. 

An inspired work environment helps to foster improved workplace culture, which in turn leads to increased business performance.

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