The Beautiful FourReal® A from Ocee Design

29 Mar 2019

Product Office Furniture New Office Productivity

FourReal® A is a clever, space saving solution offering as a multi-purpose piece of furniture for all manner of spaces.

Perfect for solo work, meetings, collaboration and dining, the stunning FourReal® A table system from Ocee Design would make the perfect addition to any office space. We love the A-frame style and simplistic Scandinavian design, which allows people to integrate plants and lighting into the frame, turning it into a living, breathing and evolving structure.

Some of the many benefits of adding plants into the office space include reducing stress, increasing wellbeing by improving air quality, reducing noise and helping towards creating a more relaxed environment. So, allowing plants to be integrated into furniture provides even more stylish opportunities to incorporate greenery that help contribute towards improving wellness and productivity in the workplace.

Please get in touch with us if you would like more information on FourReal® A, or if you are looking other brilliant ideas and products to revamp your office space.