11 Jun 2019

Acoustic Health & Well-Being Product Collaboration Room Divider Breakout

Recycled fabric transformed into a high-performance acoustic solution.

Swedish design-house Offecct specialise in creating functional and sustainable furniture and acoustic products for social meeting places, that work together to enhance collaboration in the workplace.

Offecct were the first manufacturer of their kind to design and develop the acoustic wall panel – Soundwave® was first launched in 1999 and continues to be the mainstay of their acoustic portfolio. In 2017, Italian/Hungarian designer Andrea Ruggiero was invited to Offecct Lab in order to find a way of turning waste material into a high performing acoustic product. After two years of trials, they are proud to present to the market, the sound absorbing room divider Soundsticks®.

Beautiful and functional “upcycling”

Soundsticks® consists of left-over textile fabric from our production of upholstery furniture. Firstly textile scraps are moulded into the shape of a tube and then upholstered with left-over fabric. Ends are sealed with caps of casted recycled aluminium. Soundsticks® are designed to act as room dividers and be suspended from the ceiling on a rail, combined by straight or curved configurations.

Endless possibilities

Suspended at different heights, as a group or in a line, Soundsticks® offers endless of possibilities for creating ambience and providing users with a stunning feature to enhance their environment.

Want more information?

If you would like more information on Soundsticks® or any of Offeccts other acoustic products, please email: