Introducing ACDC From Boss Design

27 Mar 2019

Product Sit/Stand Productivity Active Working

Designed by Broome Jenkins and engineered to Boss Design’s exacting technical standards, ACDC is an elegant table system that fits effortlessly into today’s workplace.

Designed to address the changing landscape of the workplace ACDC will transform the way you work. One all-encompassing table range, enabling both individual and group work. From sit-stand desking to height adjustable and static meeting tables, ACDC delivers benefits for the human body whilst promoting better working practice.

ACDC offers the choice that will soon be the norm across the workplace landscape. Its height adjustable (AC) collection includes a broad range of large meeting tables and fully ergonomic, individual sit-stand desks. Promoting shorter standing group meetings and individual desk focused work.

Offering a choice of two frame details, tooled using pressure die-cast aluminium and incorporating the latest noise reducing motor technology, AC brings an elegance to the height-adjustable table arena that has not been seen before.

Through tried and tested research Boss know that the combination of sitting, standing and moving throughout the working day will improve posture, reduce fatigue and have a positive influence on our work behaviour. Promoting a culture of movement, not only at individual workstations, but throughout all Habitats within the office is the key to improved wellbeing and productivity.

ACDC offers a seamless aesthetic across both the static collection and its height adjustable counterpart. Giving designers the ability to specify one system through an entire concept whilst still creating a fully inclusive design.

A standard 740mm meeting height table, DC is available in five top sizes with a choice of three top shapes. To showcase the beautiful underframe of the table, a stunning glass top can be specified in a rectangular shape.

The option to finish the beautiful frame of the DC base in one, or a combination of Boss’s nine vibrant frame colours, further widens the choice that this system presents.

Please get in touch if you would like more information on this stunning new table system.