Welcoming Mourant to their new home

10 May 2018

New Office Product Active Working Sit/Stand Task Seating

Welcoming Mourant to their new home

After successfully winning a competitive tender back in the summer of 2017 we were delighted to recently visit the completed offices of the newly rebranded Mourant. The end result supports the new brand and the new way of working has been incredibly positive.

“These new offices befit our reputation as one of the foremost offshore law firms in the world. They also befit the quality of work that we do and the staff that we employ. This move has been a long time in the making, because we needed the right office accommodation. We are thrilled to have found it.

We were based in two or more buildings for a number of years and had long been looking for a single building into which the whole firm could relocate under one roof - and we have found a real gem.

This move is aspirational and will provide an ideal environment for our 135 staff. We have taken two office floors plus a two-floor rotunda area, complete with client entertainment suite, as well as learning, development and staff areas.  The staff area is quite special, and allows a space for people who might not necessarily work in the same practice areas to feel part of one team.

The client entertainment facilities are something which we did not previously have and will be a tremendous advantage. We have always hired venues for events and although this worked out well, it is wonderful to be able to host them in our own offices.

The quality of the fit-out and office furniture was also very important to us.  Everybody has the same high quality electric sit-stand desks and fully adjustable Scandinavian chairs, providing an exceptional work environment.

We are very happy to be associated with the fantastic work that POS have done for us and they have managed to really enhance our office life environment."

Mark Torode

Partner & Advocate

The quality of the products, the attention to detail and the professionalism of the whole team made POS a pleasure to work with.”

Linda O’connell

Head of Office Services