To enhance the life of others you have to start with yourself

08 May 2018

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We recently supplied the PF+A team with new office chairs as they understand the importance of investing in their staff’s health and wellbeing. Thanks to John Hibbs, Director of PF+A, for writing a fantastic guest blog.


It doesn’t quite sound like the beginning of one of the most life changing stories. But that’s where you may be wrong. We seem to like to sit on them a lot, and it’s causing millions of us to suffer from work-related injuries - a bold claim for such an idle object. When you consider that the average person spends around thirteen hours a day sat down, the design of a chair suddenly appears a whole lot more important than you first thought.

Regardless of a person’s activity levels, sitting sedentary for the majority of the day can increase the risk of diabetes and cardiovascular disease, according to the British Heart Foundation. At PF+A it’s important to us to invest in the health of our staff with ergonomic furniture that optimise their well-being. Two years ago we opted for stand and sit life desks, but we thought we would take it one step further and provide our staff with ‘The Saddle Chair’ that bases itself on the dynamic seated position of a horse rider.

The Saddle Chair, better known as the Capisco Chair by HÅG, has been developed to naturally follow the body’s movements. The unique design of the seat and adjustable height allows many different positions; facing forwards, turned to the side, backwards, reclined and it can even help your balance in a standing position - perfect for our stand-sit desks. That’s why we love them so much!

However no seated position is the best one, we need to keep the body moving. Good blood circulation is vital to a healthy body and clarity of thought. The Capisco encourages a person to find new and comfortable seating positions, activating muscles that would otherwise be neglected, and when the body requires it, it can stay still.

Concern of the environment is also at the forefront of the Capisco’s design, as the seat is contrived from recycled car bumpers and waste household plastic packaging. The different plastic components of the chair are also labelled to make recycling the chair easier, ensuring nothing unnecessarily goes to waste.

It was POS Interiors that first enlightened us to these ergonomic masterpieces. Specialising in commercial interior fit-outs, they too, share our values for design, quality, well-being, innovation and the environment. As expected, their service was impeccable in supplying the Capisco chairs to both our Guernsey and Jersey offices.

John Hibbs