Introducing HÅG’s newest member of the task chair family

08 May 2018

Task Seating Active Working Productivity

Welcome to the family

HÅG forever persists in developing new chairs that give people an enhanced experience of comfort. When you sit in a HÅG chair you sit, in balance. Your whole body is continuously moving in a natural way, without you ever having to think about it. This encourages better blood circulation due to increased leg movement, and helps you feel more energised during long working hours …pretty cool right?

Today’s working world is more agile than ever. Office landscapes are continuously evolving. Adaptability is key for staying competitive. The HÅG Futu is a high-performance task chair that helps you stay alert and focused. Because of its streamlined dimensions, it also seamlessly blends into any working environment. Its soft-furnished look hides the fact that it´s packed full of precision engineering.

HÅG have a well-documented track record for reduced energy consumption and minimalised waste, and strive to make products from recycled materials, which in turn can be recycled. The HÅG Futu has a US GREENGUARD certification, confirming it doesn’t affect indoor air conditions by emitting harmful gases. It also has an Environmental Product Declaration (ISO 14025), verifying that CO2 emissions are very low. It’s won a Red Dot Design Award for best product design, plus a Green Good Design Award for sus¬tainability, among other prestigious awards.

Still not convinced? Take a look at some other benefits that this task chair provides.

  • FutuKnit™ mesh back
    Mesh has been technically developed to retain its tautness throughout extensive daily use
  • Lumbar support
    Precise lumbar support that easily adjusts to your body (lumbar support is optional for mesh model).
  • 7 appealing colours
    Select from seven matching fabrics and mesh colours – FutuKnit mesh (back) and FutuKnit solid (seat and back).
  • HÅG Futu armrests
    The armrests can easily be adjusted for both height and width (armrests are optional).
  • FutuKnit™ solid seat/back
    FutuKnit solid on the seat adds extra warmth and comfort.
  • HÅG in Balance®
    Our signature balancing mech¬anism keeps you in continuous movement while seated.
  • Foot support
    Provides comfortable ways to rest, move and vary the position of your feet.

If you are interested in purchasing please get in touch with us.