03 Feb 2017


Through their unique ability to be located both outside and inside buildings, OfficePOD’s range of products offer unrivalled choice for those who need to make better use of their valuable real estate.

When a lack of space and privacy risk compromising basic operational effectiveness, productivity and even morale, we can create new space in underused areas such as lightwells, courtyards and atria.

Break free from the constraints of inflexible buildings where change often results in long periods of disruption, inconvenience and mess for all concerned. OfficePOD’s modular construction ensures that crucial facilities can be created with speed and without disturbing the existing building or, more importantly, its occupants.

POS Interiors proudly supplies OfficePOD products to businesses and individuals in Guernsey and Jersey. Contact us on 01481 244718 or email to find out more.