SoFi Mesh by HÅG

29 Nov 2016

Task Seating Ergonomics Comfort

The HÅG SoFi range is the result of design collaborations with the award winning design agencies Frost Produkt and Powerdesign, as well as the many experts and enthusiasts who are part of the HÅG network. As with everything HÅG does, the HÅG SoFi range fuses aesthetics and function to produce beautiful and user-friendly solutions.

The HÅG SoFi range was created to meet changing human needs in workplaces that were evolving at pace. This evolution meant that workers increasingly needed tools and solutions that empowered them to work better and differently.

HÅG wanted to empower people to be able to do more, more effectively. All this should happen while minimising effort, both mental and physical.

The new HÅG SoFi model with a mesh back incorporates market-leading technologies, and beautiful aesthetics, to provide a seating solution that offers great design, supreme comfort and endless flexibility. Designed to help energise the user, the HÅG SoFi mesh helps improve focus and general well-being.

Are you keen to test out the SoFi Mesh range? Get in touch, and we will bring a chair to your workplace so you can try it for yourself! Contact for more information.