Seeing the POSitives

31 Mar 2020

Health & Well-Being Productivity Technology

At POS, our purpose is to inspire people. Usually we do that through designing spaces that are inspiring, but right now promoting wellbeing and POSitivity is just as important to us. We’ve had a think about what the benefits of the new ‘Stay at Home’ measures are…

New technology

Work colleagues around the globe now can’t live with this app that no one had heard of last month, Zoom. There’s also another new kid on the block called Houseparty, where you can play games on WhatsApp calls. It seems that people are more connected than they were before as we have been forced into making social connection a priority for our mental health.

Our team starts the day at 8:30am with a team meeting to discuss what we’re going to do with the day, with another call at 4:00pm to debrief what we achieved. We have found the structure and routine really helpful – and it means we still get to make fun of each other, which is something our technical team can’t live without.


Everyone seems to be a runner now but that’s not a bad thing! Being in lockdown has meant that we need to keep our minds busy, which means painting and drawing; cooking; new forms of exercise; and for parents, teaching, have been taken up by more and more people. Box set binging does not count as a hobby (though we all wish it did sometimes).

Personal development and training

Something that our team have run with (only metaphorically this time) has been personal development and training. New topics and interests have been accommodated; from design to effective communication, we’ve made the most out of the Open University’s free online course section. We share what we’ve learnt and talk about what we’d like to go on to, as well as developing skills some already have, such as joinery. YouTube is full to the brim of free education and we have been given the gift of time to soak up some of it.

Board games

Christmas is many people’s favourite time of year: why? Maybe because it’s centered around quality family time (or maybe because it involves a lot of food and alcohol… no, definitely the family time). Remember those memories of playing trivial pursuit with your family and that sloe gin your granny made years ago? Now’s the time to do that with people in your house again – you could even try with your friends on video call… maybe without the sloe gin.

Reconnect with the great outdoors

When everything is taken away from us – only then do we really appreciate it. Thankfully, we have two hours a day to get some exercise and enjoy our island’s beauty. The sun is shining, and weather is glorious recently (sod’s law), so reconnect with nature. Do some walking meditation or go find an undiscovered gem around the island.

Time with your friends and family

There has never been a better time to check in on people. Everyone is near their phones and we know everyone is not up to much; give your friend a call that you haven’t been able to make time for recently. Play with your children that are usually asleep by the time you get home from work. Reconnection is the positive bi product from self-isolation.

Sustainability and gratitude

Local government advice has been only to leave the house if absolutely necessary. A coriander garnish and gluten free oat biscuits are not necessities – though our previous millennial mindset might try convincing us! We live in probably one of the safest places in the world, now more than ever, and we need to take a moment for what we are grateful for – it makes all the difference.

Something as small as getting creative with the ingredients in your cupboard instead of going back to the shops is a fun new challenge, not a hardship. Changing our perspective to reveal how much we have already, rather than what we have ‘lost’ in personal freedom, is humbling and might result in a quirky meal or two!

We’re trying to show that working towards a positive perspective on situations out of our control can make all the difference. Using up what we have in the cupboards is just one of many sustainable habits we can continue into the future.

So be aware of your perspective, listen to the voice in your head and notice whether you can redefine your circumstances. Keep calm and stay POSitive.