Modern workspace solutions with a difference

22 Jan 2021

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Noise in the office is one of the biggest disrupters of time, leading to a drop in productivity and impacting on mental wellbeing. Office workers have come to accept that phone calls, emails and general conversations will distract them from the job in hand. But with advances in office space design and technology this needn’t be the case.

POS Interiors now supplies a range of natural workspaces from Taiga, which offer a quiet, versatile area where staff can focus alone or meet in privacy, without the interruptions created by the general hubbub of office life. In a recent survey we carried out after lockdown, we found that one of the main reasons people enjoyed working from home was having fewer distractions. Of those surveyed, 46% said that they felt free from distractions at home and 42% said that having less noise at work would improve their office environment.

Every time you get interrupted it takes three times longer than the interruption itself to get back to where you were before. So, on average, that equates to 10 to 15 minutes of lost time because you’ve been distracted or interrupted.

‘Our acoustic pods from Taiga are so versatile, offering space for a variety of tasks from taking a quick phone call in private, to deep working, or holding strategy meetings. The moment you step into one, the sound of the outside world is blocked out, without excluding you from the office environment, due to the structure being made primarily from glass,’ said Rory Inglis, managing director of POS.

‘Being busy and bring productive are very different things. Often a busy person who is unable to get tasks completed because of constant distractions can end up being less productive than they might appear. More importantly, they will not feel that satisfaction of completing tasks and this can lead to frustration and ultimately unhappiness in their job.'

People who are happy are 31% more productive at work than those who are negative, neutral or stressed. The environment they work in plays a huge role and staff are beginning to recognise this. People no longer just look at how much they will be paid when searching for a new job. Key features and benefits that support their wellbeing and work-life balance are much more appealing. Environments that don’t inspire or make people feel comfortable or relaxed are unlikely to support the concept of wellbeing.

‘It’s more important than ever that workplace design is done with employees in mind. Reducing distractions and creating inspiring, comfortable, versatile spaces is the key to nurturing and growing a happy and healthy workforce,’ added Rory.

It’s also important to remember that distraction and stress can lead to downtime and the potential to make mistakes. Therefore, the bottom line can also be impacted positively by improvements to working environments.

These compact soundproof space solutions, from phone booth size to conference room, incorporate smart technology and are temperature controlled. For more information, contact us here.