Lockdown 2.0

01 Feb 2021

#lockdown #wellbeing #mindfulness #wfh

Suddenly we find ourselves back in lockdown. Our courageous, fast acting leaders have done what they must to keep our beloved island and those we care about safe. This safety comes at a cost, albeit one we’re happy to carry, but it isn’t without its consequences.


Whilst we’re all happy to play our part in Guernsey’s recovery, lockdown in February will feel different to lockdown in May, with sunny beach walks, sunbathing in your garden and outdoor activities feeling a distant memory. There are, however, plenty of ways to stay POSitive throughout this second lockdown, so don’t forget these little things can make the world of difference:

  1. Communicate with friends, family & loved ones – We’re locked down, nothing can be done about it. So, use this time constructively. Use this time to strengthen relationships at home, spend time with your children, phone your mother and talk for an hour and sit for a coffee with your partner. You have more time, use it to connect. Do this for others and you’ll be doing it for yourself too.
  2. Happify your language - if there is an opportunity to spiral someone up with POSitive words and energy, take it.
  3. Structure your day – Get up, get showered, get dressed. It sounds simple but having a shower and getting dressed does have a psychological influence on us. Be proud of yourself even when no one is looking. Create a routine and schedule your housebound events.
  4. Sit by a window – Natural light and views of nature can reduce blood pressure and the circulation of stress hormones, increasing focus and the ability to concentrate. If you can, sit by a window and bask in the natural light.
  5. Get exercising – Yes, we may be locked inside, but the States of Guernsey have allocated 2 hours of exercise, use it wisely.  Our mental power is directly linked to our physical regime, exercising during “normal” working hours can boost performance and has a host of other mental benefits. Anything will do, just move that body as often as possible!
  6. Crank up the tunes – Change the atmosphere in the house, during exercise or in the car on the way to do your essential shopping. Music encourages the release of endorphins and serotonin (the happy hormone), it’s proven to boost mood and self-esteem as well as memory. For inspiration, check out our POSitivity playlist on Spotify. It’s yours to enjoy, click here
  7. Put the phone down – Excessive digital use reinforces stress and anxiety, even if you think you’re just fighting boredom by scrolling. Ensure you set boundaries for your digital intake.
  8. Try something new – Do that thing you never had the time for. You don’t have to learn French overnight, a simple house task you’ve been putting off for months can do wonders for de-cluttering the mind. If you’re a bookworm (or a book novice) we are offering a POS virtual book club via WhatsApp, no rules apart from reading. Join us every day for 15 minutes of reading, snap a pic and share with the group. It’s the little things like this that help us through the day – sign up here.
  9. Get outside – Nothing quite beats the smell of the fresh sea breeze. Fresh air and a change of scenery can ease the feeling of claustrophobia or burn out, so instead of spending your break on your phone, go for a short walk instead (unless, of course, you’re in isolation).
  10. Create a comfortable workspace – Take your office desk to your dining room table, fill it with uplifting decorations, #GuernseyTogether rainbows, family photos, and ensure you’re in a well-lit, quiet and disruption-free zone of your home.