How to stay POSitive

25 Mar 2020

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This is an unknown time that we are experiencing, and it is easy to feel overwhelmed. Recent measures that have been advised mean that our normal life is going to change – but we can still be positive and productive. Working from home is going to be a reality for most of us so we’ve thought about our favourite methods we use in our design phase for clients to make sure you stay inspired.

1. Go Green

We always keep sustainability high on our list, so while we think you should always keep up with your recycling, we’re actually referring to keeping plants and greenery around your work area.

Invest in a few plants (if you haven’t already, try pick some flowers from your garden) – there are a number of great local businesses that will need your support after lock down, so once these few weeks are over make sure to do your part to keep them going. You’ll feel the benefits of having plants around you and be keeping small businesses going; win win.


2. Stay Light

This could mean a few things… isolation weight gain is going to be something we will all experience!

However we’re talking about natural light. Where possible, make sure your home work station is in a nice bright area, preferably near a window, as being exposed to natural light keeps our body clock healthy. Exposing yourself to 30 minutes of natural light in the morning helps contribute towards energy production to keep you productive throughout the day. Plus, spring has sprung!



3. Keep Exercising

Chances are, your step count is going to be a lot lower than average, with most of your steps being made from the ‘commute’ from the lounge to the kitchen. Make sure you get some daily (isolated) exercise or at least some fresh air; the States of Guernsey have outlined two hours allowance a day during these two to four weeks. If you’re having a call or phone conference with your colleagues, why not do it whilst you walk around your kitchen or even better, outside.


4. Keep on top of your stress

We are living in unprecedented times and self-isolation measures can have a negative effect on mental health.

Yoga and meditation are going to be your best friends during these times – even just three deep breaths will be beneficial. But don’t forget about your real-life friends either, use video calls to stay in touch. Communication is so important, now more than ever. Please don’t suffer alone. There are apps like Headspace and Calm available and endless free yoga flows on YouTube, so start searching. And please, do not panic buy pasta or toilet roll.


5. Keep your Routine

Having no obligations to get dressed might sound like bliss, but chances are this is going to be a challenge that isn’t quickly resolved. Keeping a routine will preserve some positive structure in your life, which is especially important if you have stress or mental health worries.

Write yourself a little timetable, even if it is as vague as ‘wake up, brush teeth, check on loved ones, e-mails’.

Get creative, see it as a good opportunity to be grateful for what you have and have fun with how to reflect the outside world, inside.

Never done a spring clean? This could be your year!

We believe in taking the situation we are in absolutely seriously, which means implementing measures that will change our normal life, BUT we can stay POSitive.

The States of Guernsey have got advice on their website, so if you need more info have a look at: