Pod Save Us

15 Nov 2019

Pods Health & Well-Being Happiness Inspiration

It’s no secret, we’re all getting more stressed.

Frequent disturbance in the workplace can be detrimental to concentration, with it taking 20 minutes to regain focus after a small distraction (University of California). You do the maths!

Work related stress is prevalent in modern life and commonly results in sickness, reduced proficiency and employee turnover. More people are lying awake at night with stress and this begs the question “what can be done?”

That’s where Pods come in.

A mobile and acoustically sound structure; Pods provide a quiet, isolated oasis that can (literally) move with the business, allowing flexibility but increasing productivity.

Not only a space for concentration, bigger pods can be used as a meeting room that requires no planning permission and can be built in a day. We see them as furniture that goes beyond a financial investment, benefitting employees’ welfare through their ability to work effectively. Employees that use them feel more productive and less stressed.

Pods can be upholstered in a range of colours to compliment company brand identity, have frosted glass for privacy, without blocking light passing through, and come in a variety of sizes. Office phone booths are the perfect size for individual work, while bigger pods function as an isolated and collaborative space. Don’t be worried about stuffiness though- air circulation means that they are not only a quiet but fresh space to work in.

In the past, offices were characterised by row upon row of desks, with row upon row of employees, carrying out repetitive tasks every day. This may have suited the previous century; however more varied processes mean that our current working day is diverse, so a one-size-fits-all office is no longer appropriate.

At POS, we believe in workplace well-being and creating spaces that inspire people. We spend most of our time at work, so we think the environment needs to support employees’ requirements but also happiness.

As happy workers are high achievers. Research shows that high performers are roughly 15% happier at work than low performers (The 2019 Employee Engagement Report, Tiny Pulse) which is ultimately a driver for business growth.

We love helping businesses transform their spaces, that’s why we work with companies and suppliers that share our outlook and strive towards a healthy workplace.

Want to keep noise pollution low and employee happiness high? Take a look at the pods we offer and get in contact with us to see how we can transform your space.