Case Study

Sovereign Trust

Our relationship with clients is the key for us. We work with clients to make sure their inspiring space works for them; this was the case for the Suite G project that we completed last year for Sovereign Trust.

At POS, we believe in workplace well-being and creating spaces that inspire people; after all, we spend most of our time at work, so why not make it the best place it can be for staff?

Research shows that high performers are roughly 15% happier at work than low performers (The 2019 Employee Engagement Report, Tiny Pulse) which is ultimately a driver for business growth.

Our design team is teeming with textile and fabric expertise, with knowledge of which colours and textures complement each other. We utilise a company’s brand guidelines for the interior concept and introduce key highlight textiles to offset and create a harmony of colours.

This was reflected well in Sovereign Trust’s Suite G project; with blues and greys to offset the red and black brand colours so while it was in keeping with the brand, it inspired!

If you know the team at POS, you know that we are big fans of the HAG Capisco chair. The OG ergonomic chair, that was designed in 1984 but looks forever futuristic. The saddle seat and ‘cut out’ back are the pillars of its hugely recognizable design, which caught the Managing Director’s eye. This chair works perfectly with sit/ stand desking, as the 265mm gas lift enables being able to ‘perch’ on the end of the chair while working at the desk’s tallest setting.


We introduced highlight colours through the Ocee Harc High Back chairs in blue and grey for the Managing Director’s office; these acoustic chairs absorb excess sound with the recognizable design. Storage is pivotal for office organisation so we installed Freewall’s Storage Wall, finished in black, to keep anything that requires storage tidy.

Autex Acoustic Cascade Screens framed the Managing Director’s office from the collaboration space, furnished with the Centro Meeting Table and Stools in brand colours of red, grey and black. Stand Up meetings are proven to be both shorter and more productive, and quieter people are more vocal when stood up!

Biophilia is something we often take into consideration in the design of inspiring spaces. Being around greenery is vital for our brains, so we love using VistaGreen Greenwall in our designs. For Sovereign Trust’s collaboration zone, we integrated a TV into the Greenwall so video conferencing could take place in the space.

Another favourite product of ours is the Hush Pod from Max Furniture. A mobile and acoustically sound structure; Pods provide a quiet, isolated oasis that can (literally) move with the business, allowing flexibility but increasing productivity.

We see them as furniture that goes beyond a financial investment, benefiting employees’ welfare through their ability to work effectively. Employees that use them feel more productive and less stressed.

Pods can be upholstered in a range of colours to compliment company brand identity, have frosted glass for privacy, without blocking light passing through.

Our design team worked with Sovereign Trust on choosing a colour to offset the brand colours used on the Centro Table and Stools and decided on purple.

Moving upstairs, no space is wasted. We see potential in even the most seemingly ‘uninspiring’ space, such as a stair way. This area would see a lot of people passing through, so we thought it would be a great place for a ReSorb Acoustic Printed Wall Panel showcasing Sovereign’s brand guidelines, brought to life by our in-house graphic designer.

Another collaboration space saw Centro Stools being featured in brand colours and framed by acoustic Fabricks in brand colours. This agile design meant that the whole space was moveable if the company ever wanted to Feng Shui the space!

Historically, offices have been characterised by row upon row of white, clinical desks – or even worse, who remembers cubicles? Not at POS. We saw this as a great opportunity to feature more of the blue and grey highlight colours that were used downstairs. We proposed Nebraska Oak tops for the employees’ desks, which is a trend that is sweeping across interior design recently. We paired this with the tried and tested favourite of the HAG SoFi Mesh chair in grey. This colour scheme worked well with the iconic Guernsey artwork featured on more ReSorb panels to ensure acoustic comfort across the office.

It was a pleasure to work with Sovereign Trust on this project, their input meant that we could guide and recommend colours, but ultimately, we wanted the client to feel completely happy with the end product. Communication is key throughout this process, so we look forward to working with Sovereign Trust in the future.