Case Study

Designing a modern workspace for Sequent

“POS’s transformation of our office was truly remarkable. In addition to providing us with a modern, functional workspace, the design team incorporated the feedback from our employees to create a welcoming environment that safeguards staff wellbeing and boosts productivity.” - Samantha Stevenson, Managing Director at Sequent

Creating a modern workplace to allow productivity and wellbeing to thrive

As a leading global fiduciary specialist, Sequent works with international entrepreneurs, their families and advisers to plan, structure and administer their wealth for the long term. Following the 2019 buy-out of Rothschild Trust from Rothschild & Co, the new company, Sequent, was keen to modernise its existing office space on St Julian’s Avenue.

Sequent knew the importance of being able to support new ways of agile working and were committed to investing in creating a contemporary, branded space that met the functional and emotional needs of their people.

Using insights from Sequent’s own wellbeing surveys were crucial to be able to define the requirements for the design and fit-out. This allowed POS to identify how best to incorporate many facets of what makes a healthy and productive work environment, ranging from acoustic and visual comfort, ergonomic design, light and air quality, social interaction and connections to nature.


Maximising space and agility with acoustic and visual comfort  

The existing office was very dated and cramped. There was very little natural light and a lack of raised flooring throughout the office meant there were limitations to what could be achieved.

To achieve the approved design, the first task we undertook was to strip back the whole office space to the core. This allowed us to install new raised accessed flooring and ramps, to increase the flexibility for how the space can be used. We removed the large, partitioned reception area to allow the creation of a spacious breakout area to encourage staff interaction and to provide a more modern and welcoming experience for visitors. 

We installed a new ceiling and upgraded the lighting with a modern, sustainable LED system. We also fitted contemporary light fixtures throughout the building to add a practical yet modern element.

We opened up the main work area and used single-glazed glass partitions for meeting rooms to allow transference of natural light throughout.

We also introduced high quality acoustic solutions from Autex and Acoustics by Design to maximise acoustic comfort and to provide visual aids to zone the agile workspaces. The acoustic panelling and cascades also allowed us to introduce Sequent’s brand colours and imagery.

To further help demark the various work areas, we used bespoke luxury vinyl flooring with contemporary, wood-effect patterning and installed innovative cube shelving units. These allowed for storage, and also incorporated bench seating and contemporary lighting, without compromising on the open-plan nature of the space.


Optimising wellbeing with ergonomic furnishings and biophilic design 

Ergonomic comfort was a high priority for the new fit-out. We worked with Sequent to select the right workstations, task chairs and furniture. The exceptional benefits of Capisco and SoFi mesh seating alongside electronically controlled sit-stand desks to encourage movement and good posture fitted the brief perfectly.

Biophilia improves employee wellbeing and boosts physical health. We incorporated plants throughout the workspaces and breakout areas, to bring colour and life and encourage a sense of nature. We also selected fabrics that brought a vibrant pop of colour to the furniture and the overall space. Using coral orange as a colour promotes energy and contrasts nicely with Sequent’s blue branding, making the communal areas and meeting rooms appealing to staff and clients.

We installed state-of-the-art meeting pods, featuring real wood panelling, by Taiga. These space-saving pods provide an ideal area for internal meetings or quiet concentration while helping to boost workplace productivity. 

‘Hot trays’ and lockable storage units allowed staff to safely and conveniently store their belongings and to maintain a clear desk space.


Bringing the brand to life 

With a proud brand heritage, Sequent was keen to ensure its identity was prominent throughout its modern office design. In addition to using the striking deep-blue branding across the communal areas and workspaces, we cut-out the Sequent logo and applied it onto the frosted glass panelling, promoting visual identity without compromising functionality or practicality. We also adorned the meeting rooms with maps and clocks depicting the regions and time zones of the business’ various offices – a visual reminder of the size of the organisation and its global reach.

Beautiful bespoke Guernsey artwork of Petit Port was installed across a whole wall in the open plan office boosting people’s positive connection and pride in the office and the natural beauty of where they live.

Samantha Stevenson, Managing Director at Sequent, says: “POS’s transformation of our office was truly remarkable. In addition to providing us with a modern, functional workspace, the design team incorporated the feedback from our employees to create a welcoming environment that safeguards staff wellbeing and boosts productivity.

“We’re proud of how the Sequent brand is at the forefront of the design and look forward to enjoying our new work environment for many years to come.”

Pops of colour in the Social Spaces

Kitchenette / Dining Area

Vibrant pops of coral orange fabric on the banquette seating was used to energise the social spaces. 

Agile spaces, agile uses

Boardroom / Training Room

The boardroom was designed with flexibility in mind to maximise the use of the space. When not in use for board or formal meetings, the table tops are easy to flip up and move, and whiteboards are available, for planning, collaborative or training sessions. 

Warm lighting

Dining area

Using lighting as a zoning technique can also remind colleagues they are in a different zone for a different task. These warm lights are more relaxing and less stimulating than the white lights in the rest of the office. Coupled with biophilia they make for an incredibly tranquil and peaceful setting, encouraging calm, social interactions. 

Think inside the pod

Pods in the open office

We installed top of the range pods that take up less floor space than an entire meeting room but offer the same function. Tucked in between storage solutions they are perfect for impromptu meetings, private conversations or calls when you don't need a whole room.

Connecting the company

Wall art in the training room

As Sequent is an international company we thought it would be a great idea to introduce visual aids so their people felt part of the bigger picture. We designed a mural of the world map in the Sequent brand colour with pin markers where the other offices are located. We used clocks in the same style as the ones seen in Swiss train stations as this was the birth place of the company.