Case Study

Creating a vibrant new office space for Savills in Guernsey

Founded in the UK in 1855, Savills is one of the world's leading property agents with 600 offices across the Americas, Europe, Asia Pacific, Africa and the Middle East. Guernsey's expert team of property specialists advise on buying, selling and renting properties across every sector.

Combining two offices, creating a cohesive culture

Having been impressed with POS's work across a portfolio of corporate clients, particularly our approach to supporting organisations through organisational change, Savills approached us with a two-fold brief.


Firstly, they wanted to merge their Residential and Commercial teams, who had previously occupied two separate town offices, into one new space on Glategny Esplanade.


While strategically, this would lead to a more cohesive culture and operational efficiencies, practical considerations had to be taken into account, including the different ways the two teams worked and the need for client confidentiality.


Secondly, they were keen to encourage an inclusive culture of creativity and passion.


The other global offices were already embracing new working practices. As a business, Savills understood that encouraging staff to adopt these practices, including agile working and taking regular breaks to safeguard their health and wellbeing, would lead to greater productivity.


Energising their team and creating a sleek, modern, vibrant office space with agility and practicality at its core were key project objectives.

People-centric design

We approached the project by exploring the client's requirements, understanding their people's functional and emotional needs, and applying our '3 Cs' design philosophy of Collaboration, Concentration and Contemplation, which we know drives productivity and positivity.


Like all of our workplace design projects, we also wanted to create an environment that reinforces the company values and seeks to improve the culture within the business. 

 A warm welcome

The Savills distinctive logo, a bold red and yellow, is full of POSitive energy, so we used these colours in the reception area to ensure people instantly felt part of the brand.


We used vertically fixed rafts from Autex Acoustics to reduce noise reverberation from this busy part of the office.


Instead of a split-level office space, the client wanted to ensure that the whole office was accessible, so we installed a ramp to accommodate the change in level required to install the raised access floor and the open-plan workspace. In addition, this approach allowed us to install power cables from computers and devices hidden underneath a raised platform to keep everything looking sleek and streamlined.

Zoning out

With Savills' new approach to agile working, we could reduce traditional desk space and make more of the area available. So, we created two working zones for the Residential and Commercial teams. Acoustic cascades provided an alternative to physical walls, reducing noise transmission while maximising light transference. The addition of an acoustic suspended ceiling and acoustic tiles also helped to minimise distraction in a busy sales space.


We installed soundproofed pods with soft furnishings complementing the Savills colour scheme for client or staff conversations or as a place where staff can undertake focused work.


Take a break

We take a people-centric approach to design and encourage staff to take time out or collaborate in a relaxed environment.


We created a breakout zone using acoustic pillars as a non-physical divider that absorbed noise pollution while creating a light, open space. We also replicated Savill's vibrant colour scheme here and in the kitchen, where we introduced café style seating to encourage relaxed conversations or simply take time out to think.


Space flexibility was a client requirement, and we designed the board room with that in mind. Here, we used modern furniture designed so that it can be easily moved and a folding wall that could be removed to open up the space. This effectively created a flexible space that can be used for internal meetings or client functions.

“Staff are our biggest asset”

The new office space effectively promotes Savills' vibrant and professional culture. Its open workspace encourages collaboration and teamwork while reflecting the organisation's new approach to agile working. In addition, with plenty of space to take time out, the new office supports employee health and wellbeing.

"Across our global offices, Savills has moved quickly to adjust to new working practices; we want our offices to be places where our staff and clients want to come and work," said Paul Watts, Savills Associate Director. 

He continued: "Our staff are our biggest asset, and therefore wellbeing has always been important to us; we recognise that happy people are more productive. The new premises presented an opportunity to reimagine the way we work locally, bring the two offices together and put employee engagement and wellbeing at the heart of our workplace. 

"POS quickly understood our brief and was able to translate our vision of a practical, agile, modern, and vibrant office space. We enjoy sharing our culture and ethos with new and prospective clients and are proud that we have a sleek new space for everyone to enjoy."

What our clients say

"The new premises presented an opportunity to reimagine the way we work locally, bring the two offices together and put employee engagement and wellbeing at the heart of our workplace."

Paul Watts - Associate Director