Case Study

Marsh Management Services

Our 3 Cs design philosophy was embraced fully by Marsh, they saw the value in different working areas having a beneficial effect on not only staff happiness but productivity. We love to work with clients that believe that inspiring spaces can completely transform wellbeing in the workplace.

Having previously worked with Marsh Management Services in 2017; we were approached again in 2019 to help them merge offices with JLT, as part of Marsh’s global acquisition of the business. It was important to the client for the integration to be executed seamlessly and meet their purpose and values. We were therefore commissioned to design and fit-out a contemporary office that would meet the needs of their people and provide a world class facility to improve health, wellbeing and transform productivity.

The existing JLT offices in Mill Court, had become very dated and unproductive for staff to produce their range of services.  Our design proposed to strip out all the existing partitions and ceilings, to give us a blank canvas to form the client’s perfect environment.

It was agreed that there was no need for a traditional reception area, as it didn’t fit in with the Marsh’s needs as a business, so instead we designed a welcome area that also doubled as break out space for the staff. This space included comfortable and soft seating from Ocee Design, tables and stools from Boss Design and Connection.  Autex Cascade acoustic panels were used around the perimeter to partially enclose the space and help improve the acoustic ambiance.

As well as this, instead of covering up the ceiling in the welcome area, it was left exposed and spray-painted in Marsh’s blue brand; further opening up and brightening the space and creating an impressive feature to greet Marsh’s visitors.  To add to the exposed ceiling feature, Autex Horizon acoustic ceiling islands were fitted at different levels around the pendant lighting fittings.

Sit/stand desks were also installed for all staff, allowing opportunity for working standing up (did you know three hours a day of standing burns the same number of calories as running 10 marathons a year!).

Ergonomic seating in the form of HÅG SoFi Mesh chairs were also given to all staff, improving seating positions so that movement is continued even when the staff are seated. The SoFi Mesh’s design allows the muscles in the calves to be engaged, thus avoiding complications that can be felt from being sat still for too long.

This encouraged Marsh’s core values of healthiness and staff wellbeing, as well as a further opportunity for increased productivity.

We also transformed their small and large meeting rooms with contemporary furniture from William Hands, Boss Design and Workstories, as well as flooring from Milliken.  In the open plan office, we installed one of our ever popular #Hush acoustic meeting pods for smaller meetings and confidential phone calls - or simply as an acoustically secure space for more focused work.

To keep the natural light flowing from the windows throughout the office, acoustic single glazed loft partitioning was installed to form the meeting and boardroom.  Acoustic fins from Autex were also fitted to the ceilings in the boardroom and meeting room, that provide a striking design feature, and plays an important role in keeping the acoustics of the room at an ideal level, particularly when using the video conferencing system.

It is important for us to understand a business’ “why” message and then help the client to display this around the interior, to remind staff and guests about their purpose.  We integrated Marsh’s unique branding into the breakout area and welcome space in the form of signage and a reSorb acoustic wall art panel, to further help absorb sound, whilst creating an impressive visual feature.  We also incorporated another reSorb acoustic panel in the services area, displaying Marsh’s core values of integrity, honesty, courage and mutual respect, to help soak up sound generated by their office equipment and reduce distraction in the open plan working area.

It’s been a pleasure working for a client that truly understands their purpose and values, and want to provide an environment for their staff that really does help to improve their health and wellbeing. But don’t just listen to us, here’s what Paul Marquand at Marsh had to say about their new office and the project as a whole:

“Everyone has felt an immediate boost from this amazing work space. Not only do all of the staff and clients love it, but there has been a noticeable transformation in the way in which we work and collaborate as a team.  

POS really did do a fantastic job, we were extremely impressed with the quality of their work as well as their service to us as a whole.” 

Paul Marquand, Vice President, Marsh