Case Study

BC Partners

We love building long-standing relationships with clients based on trust and excellence, so when they develop and grow, they know they can come back to us for quality service and cutting-edge designs.

In 2010 we completed a project for BC Partners in their previous office; in 2018 they approached us to design and fit-out of their new Trafalgar Court office in Admiral Park, which took place in 2019.

The design brief was to create a space that would enhance the way they work in an open plan working environment, thus helping to improve wellbeing and productivity.

We applied our Three Cs design philosophy, which summarises the needs of the modern knowledge worker by identifying three distinct space concepts – space for: Collaboration, Concentration and Contemplation. Collaboration is where you share the data, engage with your peers and discuss. Concentration is for scrutinizing the data, typically a quiet area that really allows you to focus, free from distraction. And lastly, Contemplation spaces should enable you to escape the data, we are merely human and overloading ourselves is ultimately counterproductive, we work best when we allow ourselves time to step away from the screen and let our mind run free.

This is our starting point for every project, we believe this is the best way for the modern knowledge worker to truly achieve their best, both in and out of work, so we designed an office for BC Partners that sets out to achieve this.

Due to the modern epidemic of a sedentary lifestyle, sit/stand desking was a key requirement set by the client. After evaluating a range of sit/stand systems, Mikomax Stand Up R desks were chosen, as it’s unique counter-balanced worktops provides workers with the instant transition from sitting to standing, without any electronics or motors.

Revolutionary workstations cannot be paired with traditional storage; draws and pedestals typically shoved full of paper were dismissed and personalised storage installed. Personal lockers encourage less hoarding of pointless paperwork, finished with nanotech laminate to leave no trances of dirty fingerprints or marks.

Moving from the Concentration space to the Collaboration and Kitchen area - a focal point of the design featured an exposed duct ceiling and bespoke Italian kitchen from Cucine, with Centro Poseur table and stools to encourage standing for informal meetings and socialising.

Acoustics are a huge consideration for the ambiance of any space – but that doesn’t mean the design has to be compromised. Having exposed the ceiling to create an impressive feature, we installed Autex baffles with hanging pendant lights that create a stylish feature as well as providing acoustic comfort. To enclose the Contemplation space, we created a bespoke screening system featuring Autex acoustic fins that pivot and enable increased privacy and acoustic absorption, when required.

Have you heard of biophilia? It is human’s intrinsic need to be around greenery; we feel calmer and better for it. That’s why we used Vista Greenwall in this zone so that a feeling of wellbeing is created when staff are away from their desks, so they truly get the most from this space. We chose Noah rocking chairs for this area for maximum comfort – they don’t look bad either!

The boardroom was designed with high specification products, including a William Hands table with Fenix laminate so to not leave fingerprint marks.

Another original feature was created for BC in the form of solid Oak feature wall to contain the AV equipment.

Boardrooms often have video conferences, in which acoustics can make all the difference, so we designed an Autex fin feature directly above the length of the table to ensure acoustic comfort with or without video conferencing.

Throughout the project we specified Milliken flooring, using a mixture of LVT, carpet planks and carpets tiles to ensure each floor reflected the different spaces.